• Introduction to Computers

    This is the first part in a series of video lectures called the "Lecture Series" by our very own Club Sponsor: Misra Manav.

    The Lecture series is being made for students and AITP club members interested in the vast world of Computer Technology.

    In this video: Professor Manav discusses the bare bones of computers. How do they work? How did computers even come to be? Let's find out!

  • Introduction to The Internet

    The Second video in our Lecture Series, we discuss the Internet.

    In this video: What is the internet really? How is it made? What makes up the Internet? Find out all that and more!

  • Git and GitHub

    This is the Third Video in our Lecture Series.

    In this video: We learn how to use collaboration and version control program such as Git, GitHub, and many more techniques! Check it out!

  • To-Do App HTML

    This is the Fourth Video in our Lecture Series.

    In this Video: We look at creating a "To-Do App". This includes discussion of features, creation of mockups, and our first look at the HTML of our future Web-Application. Hang onto your seats, cause it's about to get nerdy in here!

  • To-Do App CSS

    Here is our Fifth video in our Lecture Series.

    In this video: We look at the HTML document we made in the last video and add some CSS Styling to go along with it.

  • HTML Deep-Dive

    This is a video primarily featuring discussion of any and all things HTML

    In this Video: We dive deep into the world of HTML. Try not to get lost!

  • Club-Website Update

    This is a video to help those who want to contribute to the club, in particular, all the steps necessary to upload your files onto web-servers.

    In this video: We look at How to Update the Club Website using GitHub Desktop, GitHub on the Web, and FileZilla.