Our Projects

St. Clair County Historical Society (STCCHS) Website

The AITP SWIC chapter partnered with the St. Clair County Historical Society to rebuild and develop the STCCHS website.

In this project, students got to work on integrating Ecommerce APIs such as PayPal and creating databases that receive and send data to and from the website.

Students also had the chance to create scripts in languages such as JavaScript and PHP that completed various tasks across the website.

Currently, the AITP SWIC chapter and STCCHS are discussing plans for the AITP SWIC chapter to develop some more database and to rework some APIs.

SWIC AITP Club Website

The AITP SWIC chapter website is student developed and maintained. It includes an interactive calendar, a join page, project showcases and much more.

Web Development Incubator

The AITP SWIC chapter runs a complete Web Development incubator, including GitHub and a test web server, with a real web hosting account coming soon.

We have students working in all SDLC phases and at all skill levels, and offer tutoring for GitHub and Web servers. We welcome all students wanting to work on our existing projects or start new projects for other clubs and community organizations.

Head 2 Hand Website

The AITP SWIC chapter's current project is working on the Head 2 Hand club website, the current live site can be viewed here.

St. Clair County Genealogical Society(SCCGS) Database

The AITP SWIC chapter partnered with the St. Clair County Historical Society to optimize their members database.

The database was set up with Microsoft Access and contained information on members and what topics they were researching. The historical society had an issue where a table setup did not support members researching the same topics, and an intersection table was created to address their needs.

Service Projects FAQ  

Who does the SWIC AITP club do service projects for?
The SWIC AITP club has done service projects for the St. Clair County Historical Society and the St. Clair County Genealogical Society.
We are most interested in working with local non-profit organizations, though we are open to all offers.
Can the SWIC AITP club do a service project for my organization?
All clubs and organizations are welcome to apply for a service project.
Whether or not we can do your service project depends on what you need done, what we have going on, and how many people we have available to take care of your needs.
If my project gets accepted, how long will it take to do?
The members of the SWIC AITP club do this work on the side. Many of them are full-time students, and many of them have to work. If we accept your project, it will probably take us a while to finish.
We try to finish our projects in one or two semesters, but the timing will definitely vary depending on what type of project you need done.